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The anniversary book commemorates 20 years since Kanchev’s death. It is republished with the financial support of the Pulp and Paper Institute, Sofia, whose trademark is designed by Kanchev himself.

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The Bulgaria-born Stefan Kanchev (1915-2001) was a designer who led the applied graphic design scene of Europe from the 1940s to 1990s, throughout Postmodernism and into contemporary times. His prolific works related to various visual design fields, from posters to stamps and videos. In particular, Kanchev was at the forefront of logo design, having personally designed over 2,000 logos during his illustrious career. Not only is his oeuvre magnificent in terms of quantity, but its exceptional artistic quality and degree of perfection well demonstrates Kanchev’s ingenious talent. Although he was one of the most distinguished designers during a period when graphic design flourished, his name remains rather unfamiliar in design history. Kanchev was a designer veiled behind his creations, as more people remember him for his logos than his name. A member of graphic design organizations, including AIGA in the U.S. and ICTA in the U.K., Kanchev was discovered internationally for the first time when he was introduced in the Japanese design magazine Idea, in 1994. Today, Kanchev is regarded one of the most significant logo designers, along with Otl Aicher, Anton Stankowski, and Paul Rand.

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