Lampoon #26 Muscles Issue

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Lampoon, based in Milan, is a magazine that covers a range of topics through its unique point of view. Photography, creativity, design, craftsmanship, fashion. Lampoon Magazine is an independent editorial platform. Professional talents from every creative field join the Editorial Board to express a contemporary and powerful vision. We believe in journalism on sustainable matters; on circular economies in the creative industry; on crafting ability; on the global forestry effort; and on the most beautiful gender fluidity.


Lampoon Issue 26 is a magazine with an editorial identity based on respect for all human diversity. We support anyone who wants to bring a positive message of civic and social engagement. In order to construct our narrative, we investigate contemporary aesthetics – we produce editorial photography by bringing creativity and fashion in progress, challenging the state of the art.

The title Lampoon Issue 26 is not about generic and varied strength – the word is MUSCLES

We need people whose muscles are not just expressions of strength, but of kindness: these people are respectable people. They are the ones who show themselves for who they are, whether naked or dressed, the ones who never forget either the courtesy of a thank you, the kindness of a smile. A good person is the one you can trust with the little things, even a light word – whether in romantic endeavors or professional engagements, a respectable person is the one with whom you know you don’t need a signed contract. It is these people, the ones who have the muscles, we are talking about.

Lampoon The MUSCLES Issue – featuring

Within Lampoon / The MUSCLES Issue are the works of Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev dialogues with Otobong Nkanga and Michelangelo Pistoletto on the social role of art; Julian Bedel and Lorcan O’Neill plunge the readers into the oxymoron of listening to a scent; Durk Dehner co-founder of Tom of Finland Foundation talks about preserving, collecting, and exhibiting homoerotic art and more.

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