Eaten #12 Party

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EATEN is a beautifully designed print magazine focused on everything food history. Published three times a year, every new volume is filled with a cornucopia of old recipes, enlightening gastronomic essays, and the fascinating and forgotten tales of the people who have grown, cooked, and enjoyed all things edible over the centuries.


EATEN No. 12: Party features a collection of exciting and celebratory stories of the debauchery of olde, from the origins of champagne to fish served artistically in a shoe to history’s fabulous feline fetes and more!


        Nathan Myhrvold on the Neapolitan origins of the pizza party
Livia Djelani on celebrating with tumpeng in Indonesia
Natalie Love Cruz on the bartender that brought us the cocktail party
Carlynn Crosby on dining with Salvador Dali
…and more

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