Little White Lies #92

22 лв.

Pack your stillsuits, we’re going to Arrakis for our special 90th edition dedicated to Denis Villeneuve’s Dune.

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On the cover

If you hold Lola Beltrán’s extraordinary cover illustration up to the light, you’ll get a little surprise, as this issue comes with a bonus twinkle. The orange glow of the spice melange – the most valuable material in the Duneiverse – was the inspiration for the colour route of this cover, and the concept draws on Beltrán’s love of mid-century sci-fi imagery while also keeping a foot in the realms of the modern. The duel layer effect is a subtle hint at the man that this boy is set to become.

In this issue

Enter the Duneiverse
Tom Huddleston offers a whistle-stop tour of Arrakis through the ages, and the various iterations of Frank Herbert’s beloved book.

The Sandman
Anton Bitel talks big screens and small gestures with Quebec’s modernist sci-fi maestro, Denis Villeneuve.

Farewell My Concubine
Leila Latif meets one of Hollywood’s most wanted, Rebecca Ferguson, to chat about progressive interpretations of 1960s characters.

Timothée Chalamet in Five Acts
Philippa Snow deconstructs the image of the accidental idol across five of his recent starring roles.

Arrakis Rising
Dune production designer Patrice Vermette discusses his dream mission.

Desert Movies: A Taxonomy
A short, sharp round-up of the deserts in which filmmakers love to make movies.

Go See a Star War
David Jenkins explores the alterno space race to cash in on the surprise success of George Lucas’ Star Wars.

Woman of the Dunes
The authors of a new book on Studio Ghibli ask whether 1984’s Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind has any link to ‘Dune’.

They Shoot, He Scores
Lillian Crawford talks to film composer extraordinaire Hans Zimmer about how he draws on the classics of the past.

Threads #19
Christina Newland looks at the diverse iconography of the veil in her regular column on clothes and movies.

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